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M A L E   I N C O N T I N E N C E



Male urinary incontinence - mainly after radical prostatectomy - has a highly negative impact on Quality of Life, however treatment may be a challenge.  Certain diagnostic findings allow for different approaches, which in fact have advanced significantly over the past decade. Luckily we are in the position to offer all current treatment options for surgical management of male incontinence, including hydraulic sphincters, fixed and adjustable slings as well as adjustable balloons. Due to the high surgical expertise and experience with more than 1500 cases of male incontinence since year 2000 it will be our privilege to treat patients according to their specific needs, even in most complex cases.
Wilhelm Huebner, MD, Austria
Professor of Urology with great experience in surgical treatment for male urinary incontinence. Pioneer in developing new surgical treatment options for male incontinence

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