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Frequently asked questions

My incontinence has been present for many (3-10) years - since I had my radical prostatectomy, is there still a chance to regain continence?

Basically yes, however, your bladder capacity may have become diminished (small bladder), so you might have to go to the toilet often after correction oft he incontinence. In fact, this status may improve over time or be treated accordingly.

I have had irradiation therapy after my radical prostatectomy - is there still a chance to regain continence?

For certain operations irradiation therapy does not influence the outcome at all (adjustable slings), for others the results may be inferior to patients without irradiation. However, in the vast majority of cases a huge improvement in quality of life can be acchieved.

I have had a sling implanted, which does not really work, can I still have another surgery to become continent?


I have had an ileal (or other) neobladder after radical cystectomy. I am quite incontinent, mainly during the night, is there still a chance to regain continence?

This condition generally may well be corrected with a hydraulic sphincter system.

I have had spinal cord injury and I am performing self intermittent cath 4-6 times a day, can I get rid oft he CIC?

This is a very complex question and can only be answered with informations like urodynamic findings, condition oft he upper urinary tract and information on your dexterity and mobility. Basically it may be possible.

How do I get in contact with you, if I want to have treatment in Austria by you?

You will first have to make an appointment  by telephone or mail. In fact, no detailed advices can be given without having seen the patient.

How long do I have to stay in the hospital and how are the costs, if I had surgery done by you in Austria?

The hospital stay usually is between 3 and 8 days depending on the method used, assumed there are no complications. The costs have to be arranged with the hospital, also depending on the procedure planned. So far costs never have exceeded 18.000 Euros.

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